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'Til Kingdom Come

“There exists, he tells us, an ideal world above and beyond the world of matter. ‘In this other earth the colours are much purer and much more brilliant than they are down here… The very mountains, the very stones have a richer gloss, a lovelier transparency and intensity of hue.”

Aldous Huxley, “The Doors of Perception”


Kingdom illustrates the modern Hero’s Journey. Inspired by passages from Huxley’s Doors of Perception, fired-up wanderers set out seeking utopia, wrapped up in quilted bomber jackets and manipulated fur trousers.

A controlled monochrome palette of textiles and prints is broken up with icy blues, materialised in enveloping silhouettes. The bodies of those who had come and fallen before them lay waste at the base of the mountain, while their spirits leered from above. They began to climb.

Model: Melanie Lehmann

Photographer: Henry Curtis-Williams

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